Registered Massage Therapist. Yoga Teacher. Yoga Therapist.

Hi, I'm Brie Seidel.

What is Pusteblume?

“Pusteblume” is the German word for the white fluff of a dandelion and literally means “blowing flower.” To me, it’s a symbol of resilience and survival. Dandelion seeds are blown by the wind and find ways to flourish wherever they land – no matter how harsh the conditions. They will survive drought, being stepped on, being mowed down, yet still they thrive and share their golden colour with us first thing every spring.

Anxiety and depression have been part of my life for a long time. Working with my physical body has been what has allowed me to discover my personal resilience. I’ve discovered that physical health and mental health are connected, and that it’s possible to stay grounded in the body wherever you go and whatever is happening.

Like dandelion fluff, we all have the ability to thrive, no matter where life takes us.

I began yoga teacher training in 2005 and started to cultivate a deeper connection to the body, witnessing people’s ability to heal themselves, but also seeing that we usually need support and guidance through those transitions. I’m fascinated by anatomy and physiology – yoga led me to want to study massage therapy long ago, but the wind picked me up and life happened! I went to India, met the man who would become my husband, moved to Germany, had a baby…and now I’m finally here and ready to help you on your path to healing.


Here’s what I’m bringing together in my work at Pusteblume:

Yoga teacher training 2006

Yoga therapy

Life Force Yoga for Depression and Anxiety 2011

Registered Massage Therapist 2018

Teaching Assistant at Western College of Remedial Massage 

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