How long should I book for?

If it’s your first visit and you have a specific area you’d like to work on, I recommend booking 90 minutes to give us time to fit in an assessment and a full hour of massage. If you book a shorter time for a specific issue, I’ll just focus on that one issue and you won’t get any relaxation massage. And you definitely want some of that!

If it’s a subsequent visit or you’re just wanting a relaxation massage, book any amount of time that works for you.

For more information about assessments, please check out the Book Now page.

How naked do I need to be during the massage?

It is entirely up to you and your comfort level. I’m trained to keep you fully covered at all times while you shift positions, and am happy to work around undergarments if that is most comfortable for you.

What should I wear/bring?

Wear whatever clothes you like. If we are doing an assessment, it is helpful for you to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Shorts are helpful if it is a lower body issue: hip, low back or pelvis. If it is a shoulder or neck issue, a tank top or shirt that allows me to see shoulder blades is helpful. However, if you forget or don’t have something that would work, I can provide a towel or sheet for you to be covered in. Bring yourself, your preferred payment method and insurance card for direct billing. I can take care of the rest!

How can I pay?

You can pay by cash, cheque, debit, etransfer, or credit card. Debit and credit receipts can be texted or emailed. Insurance receipts are usually emailed out or a paper copy can be provided. Direct Billing to your insurance is also an option, see What is Direct Billing for more information.

Where can I park?

Please park in the parking spot directly beside the garage which houses my studio. The garage is white stucco with a black tin roof. It is easiest to park in the parking spot if you come from the east, come down the back alley off of either 20th or Athol st.

Why are you so good at what you do, Brie? What makes you different from other massage therapists?

I bring many years of experience as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist to my work in massage, which means I have a deep understanding of the body and mind, and how health is about integration of all aspects of ourselves, not just a matter of drinking a kale smoothie. On the flipside, I’m an anatomy nerd. My fascination with and deep knowledge of how the body works is a huge benefit to you, because you’ll always get personalized massage therapy that will help you heal and thrive!

What’s so special about your space?

It’s centrally located in Lakeview, there’s parking literally right outside the door, and it’s second to none in terms of privacy. There’s a fireplace to keep you cozy and the room is beautiful. Plus, it holds me – and my magic healing hands!

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. Gift cards can be purchased online or in person in any denomination. The link to purchase can be found on the online booking page.

What is Direct Billing?

It's a easy as bringing your insurance card with you to your appointment and giving me a couple a extra minutes to process the claim. I will then submit your receipt for you, you will have to pay nothing or your deductible if you have one. Saving you having to wait for reembursment from your insurance company. I can direct bill all of the insurance companies in the image.


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